Franklin Mosley (He/Him)

Franklin Mosley

“Franklin has 20 years of experience as an information security professional that has included the areas of authentication services, biometrics, threat intelligence, mobile and cloud security. Prior to that, he was a software engineer, which makes him perfectly suited for his passionate focus on Application Security.

At PagerDuty, a company helping organizations transform their digital operations, his mission is to define and build out the security vision and roadmap so PagerDuty can best protect its customers. To achieve that, when DevOps is all about enabling fast and frequent delivery of new software, Franklin has been a leader in developing DevSecOps practices to reliably integrate application security into the CI/CD pipeline in order to keep pace in a DevOps culture. 

Franklin is an advocate for security and has appeared as a keynote speaker sharing his insight into the world of security and DevOps. He received his MS and BS in Computer Science, is an active participant in various security groups, still likes to write code, and enjoys participating in capture the flag challenges. Aside from technology and security, Franklin is an avid tennis player, enjoys traveling and photography.”

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