Jake Cohen (He/Him)

Jake Cohen

I grew up in the SF Bay Area and then went to UC Santa Barbara for college. My first paid job was working an IT Helpdesk at one of the grad-schools at UC Santa Barbara. I’d always enjoyed working on computers - and this helped me learn the basics of IT. That job also provided the connection to land a position at LogicMonitor (infrastructure monitoring for IT teams) right after graduating. I started on the sales-side, spending most of my time there as a Sales Engineer. I spent a lot of time building custom-solutions for customers as well as helping build internal tools for our teams. After roughly 6 years there, I made the move to PagerDuty to work on the Process Automation products - since I had known some of the original Rundeck team that were part of the acquisition by PagerDuty. After a year on the Solutions Consulting team, I transitioned over to the Product Management team working on our Solutions and Integrations. That brings us to the present!

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