PagerDuty Summit Special With Lilia Gutnik

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020
Lilia Gutnik joins us this week and talks to us about her favorite aspects of our upcoming PagerDuty Summit!

Show Notes

Favorite Part of PagerDuty Summit

Lilia describes her favorite aspects of PagerDuty Summit.

Lilla: “The product keynote! It includes a poem from Rachel [Rachel Obstler, VP of Product Management] as well as a demo that she has been helping with for the past several years. It’s incredible to see all of the new exciting stuff that we’ve been working on all year make it to the big, now-virtual, screen.”

What Listeners Should Tune In For

Lilia discusses recommended talks and content at PagerDuty Summit - hint there’s a lot!

Lilia: “Don’t miss the product keynote! There are also some super exciting product break out sessions. I would strongly recommend going to Paul Rechsteiner’s session “PagerDuty Like a Pro: New Features for Responders” and Erick Dean’s session “Zen your life with Event Intelligence” – there are so many new things these two will be announcing that I don’t even know them all.”

First Time Summit Attendees

Lilia talks about how to navigate Summit as a first timer.

Lilia: Don’t miss the fireside chat with Eric Yuan from Zoom – he’s an incredibly authentic speaker, and I always feel like I’ve learned from his perspective when I hear him think out loud. Take advantage of the PDU classes – the Incident Commander training changed my life several years ago – and now not only am I an Incident Commander, but I’ve also trained a whole group of new folks at PD to be Incident Commanders, and I am so much more decisive in my everyday life.”

What Do You Wish You’d Known Earlier in Your Career?

Lilia discusses how she worked at companies who were PagerDuty customers for years before starting at PagerDuty. Something she really appreciated is the Incident Command structure. At those prior companies, she said she felt mostly that whenever there was a serious issue, she mainly felt unable to help take corrective action as that was left to the developers and operations teams. With PagerDuty’s Incident Command structure, non-engineering teams help resolve the process by taking off load that corresponds to their skillset, e.g. by sending communications, writing up reports, etc.

What Are You Glad We Didn’t Ask?

Lilia explains that her first event intelligence product release was very anxiety inducing. Ultimately successful, but the scope of potential impact for the two weeks leading to release were nerve wracking.

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Lilia Gutnik

Lilia Gutnik

Lilia comes to PagerDuty by way of 15 years of designing data-driven products for enterprise customers. As the product leader for the Digital Foundations group, she’s passionate about helping service owners learn from data to make decisions and solve problems. In her spare time, Lilia plays keyboard in the PagerDuty band (the OnCalls), volunteers for Code2040, and watches any movie Keanu Reeves is in.


Quintessence Anx

Quintessence Anx

Quintessence is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty. Prior to working at PagerDuty she was a Developer Advocate / Technical Evangelist at Logzio and then AppDynamics (part of Cisco). Her main area of focus is DevOps - tooling, cultural shifts, best practices, etc. At PagerDuty her main role will be to facilitate strong relationships between the developer / IT / Ops communities and PagerDuty.

Quintessence has been working in the IT industry for over a decade. Prior to Developer advocacy, she started out in Technical Support (now referred to as Customer Success), then dabbled as a Database Administrator, before becoming a “Cloud Engineer” / “DevOps Engineer” (or whatever the cool titles are these days) specializing in AWS.

Outside of work, Quintessence ran Inclusive Tech Buffalo (formerly the Buffalo chapter of Girl Develop It) for 5 years and is staying on as a local mentor. The goal of the group is to help underrepresented groups start sustainable careers in technology via mentorship, networking, and in a pre-pandemic world workshops and/or classes. She has a cat named Luna, also referred to as Bear, and an aquarium with a green mantis shrimp (Cora) and two maroon clownfish (Clove and Cinnamon). If you are curious about what the mantis shrimp is, I recommend The Oatmeal comic on the topic or the True Facts About the Mantis Shrimp YouTube video (disclosure: the latter has some light NSFW humor).