Guests of Page it to the Limit

Wendy McIntosh

Wendy McIntosh (she/her)

Wendy is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Emerald Talent. Wendy has 15 years of recruiting experience spread across multiple arenas of HR, Talent Acquisition and Program/Process improvement. The ability to work closely with other areas of her organization has resulted in increased company efficiencies, as well as fulfilled business goals. Wendy’s extensive background in all aspects of HR and recruiting, as well as her experience managing customers and project implementations, provides her with a unique ability to appropriately represent her company, its people and its products to the end customer.

Yuri Grinshteyn

Yuri Grinshteyn

Yuri Grinshteyn is a Customer Engineering Specialist at Google Cloud, where he works with customers to help them design reliable architectures and advocates for SRE practices and principles.