Guests of Page it to the Limit

Sean Steacy

Sean Steacy (he/him)

Sean is a veteran at PagerDuty, having spent five years in engineering as a principal level Agile Coach, 6 months as interim Chief of Staff for the office of the CEO, and finally as Senior Manager of Product Operations. Sean has a wealth of operational experience, having worked with a variety of teams at all levels of the company.

Siddharth Pareek

Siddharth Pareek (he/him)

Siddharth is currently vice president of consulting leading a DevOps Center of Excellence practice for a European bank. He is a digital evangelist known for DevOps and cloud transformation primarily for the banking and finance industries. He’s an enterprise agile and lean coach focused on improving functional and financial results through the adoption of cultural mindset change.

He is also on the board of experts panel for the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) and the world’s first individual to be certified across the complete portfolio of CCC. He has co-authored a whitepaper on global digital skills and writes on multiple topics but in particular about DevOps, Agile, Lean, and ITSM. He’s a regular industry speaker at global and regional events and conferences.

He is also the Global Ambassador for DevOps Institute, Influencer for DevOps & Agile Skill association, Community Manager for Ortelius Open Source Project and Better Value Sooner Safer Happier Asia Pacific respectively, and Community Leader for Atlassian.

Simon Maple

Simon Maple (he/him)

Simon Maple is the Field CTO at Snyk, a Java Champion since 2014, JavaOne Rockstar speaker in 2014 and 2017, Duke’s Choice award winner, Virtual JUG founder and organiser, and London Java Community co-leader. He is an experienced speaker, having presented at JavaOne, DevoxxBE, UK, & FR, DevSecCon, SnykCon, JavaZone, Jfokus, JavaLand, JMaghreb and many more including many JUG tours. His passion is around user groups and communities. When not traveling, Simon enjoys spending quality time with his family, cooking and eating great food.



Sumbry currently leads Reliability Engineering @ Airbnb. His team is responsible for the overall reliability of the Airbnb Platform: building tools, automation, ensuring product quality, and providing production engineering expertise to all of Airbnb. Sumbry has almost two decades of experience working in the platform, infrastructure, and reliability engineering space but comes from a non-traditional background: having started his career as a software engineer, Sumbry pivoted to network engineering because he wanted to learn more about the core technology that enabled the Internet and other distributed systems.

Sumbry joined several startups as the Internet grew in popularity and quickly learned how to build and scale infrastructure, striving to strike the right balance between perfection and growth. Sumbry eventually started several of his own businesses because he thought he had some good ideas (and also wanted to learn more about problem-solving from a product and customer perspective). Some great (and expensive) lessons were learned here are a big reason why Sumbry is heavily customer focused today even from the infrastructure and reliability side of development. Sumbry is also an Electronic Music DJ and producer in his free time, as getting away from platforms and infrastructure actually helps preserve his sanity.

Tammy Bryant

Tammy Bryant

Tammy Butow is a Principal SRE at Gremlin where she works on Chaos Engineering, the facilitation of controlled experiments to identify systemic weaknesses. Gremlin helps engineers build resilient systems using their control plane and API. Tammy previously led SRE teams at Dropbox responsible for Databases and Storage systems used by over 500 million customers. Prior to this Tammy worked at DigitalOcean and one of Australia’s largest banks in Security Engineering, Product Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering. Tammy is also the co-founder of Girl Geek Academy, on a mission to teach 1 million women technical skills by 2025.

Tim Nicholas

Tim Nicholas (he/him)

Tim is Principal Engineer for SRE at Xero, a cloud-based business software company with over 2 million subscribers. Tim’s years creating and responding to “surprises” in production have fueled a passion for learning from incidents. He is an advocate for the people grappling with complexity in high pressure circumstances.

Tim has spent over 20 years working with technology and infrastructure at scale. He cut his teeth building and supporting large scale network, data and compute systems for the VFX and animation industries. In 2014 he moved to the SaaS world with Xero where he has worked across a number of disciplines as an engineer, team lead, product owner and architect - each adding to his perspective on software systems engineering and operations.

Tom Geraghty

Tom Geraghty (he/him)

Tom’s first job title was “Experimentalist, which set the tone for the rest of his career. His first tech role was as a lone sysadmin, and many subsequent years of tech ops and leadership roles has made Tom passionate about effective leadership and psychological safety. Tom sincerely believes happiness precedes success - high performing teams are high performing because they’re happy. Outside of work, Tom spends as much time as possible outdoors, and is studying for a Masters Degree in Global Health and Humanitarianism.

Vinessa Wan

Vinessa Wan

Vinessa is a technical product manager at NYT. She love to apply design principles to developer tooling and resilience engineering concepts to her daily life.
You can check out her essays in the upcoming O’Reilly book, 97 Things Every SRE Should Know ( When she’s away from her keyboard, you can find her building lego castles with her daughter.

Wendy McIntosh

Wendy McIntosh (she/her)

Wendy is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Emerald Talent. Wendy has 15 years of recruiting experience spread across multiple arenas of HR, Talent Acquisition and Program/Process improvement. The ability to work closely with other areas of her organization has resulted in increased company efficiencies, as well as fulfilled business goals. Wendy’s extensive background in all aspects of HR and recruiting, as well as her experience managing customers and project implementations, provides her with a unique ability to appropriately represent her company, its people and its products to the end customer.