Guests of Page it to the Limit

Tim Nicholas

Tim Nicholas (he/him)

Tim is Principal Engineer for SRE at Xero, a cloud-based business software company with over 2 million subscribers. Tim’s years creating and responding to “surprises” in production have fueled a passion for learning from incidents. He is an advocate for the people grappling with complexity in high pressure circumstances.

Tim has spent over 20 years working with technology and infrastructure at scale. He cut his teeth building and supporting large scale network, data and compute systems for the VFX and animation industries. In 2014 he moved to the SaaS world with Xero where he has worked across a number of disciplines as an engineer, team lead, product owner and architect - each adding to his perspective on software systems engineering and operations.

Tom Geraghty

Tom Geraghty (he/him)

Tom’s first job title was “Experimentalist, which set the tone for the rest of his career. His first tech role was as a lone sysadmin, and many subsequent years of tech ops and leadership roles has made Tom passionate about effective leadership and psychological safety. Tom sincerely believes happiness precedes success - high performing teams are high performing because they’re happy. Outside of work, Tom spends as much time as possible outdoors, and is studying for a Masters Degree in Global Health and Humanitarianism.

Vinessa Wan

Vinessa Wan

Vinessa is a technical product manager at NYT. She love to apply design principles to developer tooling and resilience engineering concepts to her daily life.
You can check out her essays in the upcoming O’Reilly book, 97 Things Every SRE Should Know ( When she’s away from her keyboard, you can find her building lego castles with her daughter.

Yuri Grinshteyn

Yuri Grinshteyn

Yuri Grinshteyn is a Customer Engineering Specialist at Google Cloud, where he works with customers to help them design reliable architectures and advocates for SRE practices and principles.